A Letter from Cody

Hello All, 

I hope that this email finds you well. Summer, although somewhat rainy, is well under way. Personally, I welcome the rain. I love how rain nourishes and I love how you can feel the Earth breathe when its over. Rain gives us each a chance to begin again, and very few can argue with a new beginning. 

I am writing to you today because Inner Peace Reiki is beginning a new chapter, in more ways than one. At the retreat this fall we are having an overnight and bringing in Hillary Ellers to join Elaine Conder as our hosts- this is a big step for Inner Peace Reiki as an organization and we are proud of it. 

Inner Peace Reiki has also chosen a team of people to act on an Advisory Board to meet regularly with Neil to discuss the wants of the community, generate new ideas and facilitate discussion about different ways for Inner Peace Reiki to contribute to the Missoula community at large. It’s going to be amazing! The advisory board will include Neil, James Fix, Julie Rae O’Connor, Carly Holman, Elaine Conder and myself. The advisory board will get together 3-4 times a year to help Neil carry out the vision of Inner Peace Reiki. 

The decision to create an Advisory Board has been on the back burner for some time but was decided upon recently when I announced my intention to make a change in my life. 

Although it was a difficult decision, I have chosen to step down from my position within Inner Peace Reiki and focus on my personal practice. For me, personal practice is a very big phrase. It not only includes Reiki but also encompasses my art (I paint, did you know that?), the herbal world, and my work as a Doula. I am a good assistant, but I am working towards being a better creative practitioner in this world. If I have learned anything from Neil and from working with all of you, it is to follow your heart’s passion, and so that is what I must do. 

Two things to note- I am not disappearing from the face of the Earth, you will see me at Gatherings etc. AND you, (and Neil and Inner Peace Reiki) will be in very good, capable hands. Quinn Ryan will take my place as Neil’s assistant. She is smart and spunky and very excited to be working more closely with all of you. I have been to several meetings and worked these last weeks with both Neil and Quinn closely and I know that Quinn will do a great job. Neil’s wife Jeanne will also be stepping in to help with the administrative organizational bits that the growing community requires. 

I will end with, thank you. The support I have received from Neil and Inner Peace Reiki has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth. You are all amazing people and I am grateful to know each of you. Even though I may be leaving a job, I am glad to still have the friendships we have forged over the last two years. The Inner Peace Reiki Community (you!) is an amazing support network, take advantage of it. I am looking forward to participating in it in a new and different way. I won’t be taking notes, I’ll be listening with my whole being instead of just my ears- now that is exciting. 

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me personally, please feel free to contact me at codyrenedickinson@gmail.com

Also, if you see my art up around town, which hopefully soon you will, please stop and look at it :) 

Love you all very much, 


Neil Chaput