Reiki Master Retreat

Continued Mentorship & Learning

Limited to members of the Inner Peace Reiki community, retreats provide an important form of continued mentorship for practitioners who are eager to deepen their relationship with Reiki and the healing arts. Each retreat has a unique theme and draws outstanding speakers and participants. 

Our intention in creating the Reiki Master Retreat was to continue to provide an avenue of mentorship and learning for the Reiki Masters who are a part of Inner Peace Reiki. The retreat is a form of forward movement, designed to foster a deeper relationship with Reiki and the healing arts that continues to give back to those who participate. 

We will be holding one retreat a year during the autumn. We at Inner Peace Reiki believe that mentorship and further education and facilitation is an integral part of the Reiki Master process. This is our way of being there for you. Our retreats are as much about our process and learning as they are about yours and we look forward to sharing this with you.  

If you are interested in the retreat but are not yet a Reiki Master, contact Neil at innerpeacereiki7@gmail.com to learn more about how you can incorporate Reiki into your life.

The theme of the 2017 retreat was “Earth Centered Resilience”. We explored how connecting with the earth can enhance our connection with ourselves, be a grounding force, and influence our Reiki practice. Over the course of the weekend we learned a variety of earth-based strategies to build internal strength and resilience, so we can best support ourselves and our clients. 

We were guided through the weekend by two speakers: Ann Stevenson and Darnell Rides At The Door. Ann and Darnell are both members of the Inner Peace Reiki Community and bring a wealth of knowledge and practice of integrating earth-based strategies into their lives, work, and Reiki.

Ann’s presentation explored our theme through experiential activities to deepen our embodied relationship with self, others, and nature. She took us through activities designed from holistic models and eco-somatic approaches. There was plenty of time for group sharing and individual journaling to integrate the experiential process into our Reiki practice and beyond.

Darnell’s presentation focused on her way of life as a native woman and how it fits with the energy of the universe and all that is. She focused on the four sacred principals of the body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, from her perspective as a native woman, with certain transferred rights. A sunrise ceremony on Sunday morning was part of the presentation.

Lastly, we came together as a group at the close of the retreat and held a Reiki Master panel to provide a space for further discussion, questions, and reflections. The panel was made up of Reiki Masters, our two speakers, and was facilitated by Carly Holman. 

Upcoming Retreat:

Sept. 28th from 6:30pm-9pm

Sept. 29th 9am-6pm

Red Willow Center for Health & Healing

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