Reiki One:

Foundations & Techniques

In today's modern, busy world we need a way to connect with others and ourselves.  By bringing the right (intuitive) and left (practical) sides of our brain together, Reiki brings a sense of calm and quietude.  It is a natural method of energy balancing and healing using the practitioner's hands to heal on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Reiki is a non-invasive practice that can strengthen the body's natural healing ability, improve wellness and overall health, reduce stress and give a sense of balance.  It is practiced by millions of people worldwide.

Reiki I will teach you the foundations of the Reiki practice. In this class you will learn the hand positions, technique, history, and principles of Reiki. Reiki I will teach you how to feel energy and enter into a state of heightened awareness and develop your intuition. You will begin to practice feeling your own energy and the energy of others through the giving and receiving of Reiki.

In this class you will spend a significant amount of time giving and receiving Reiki as this will allow you to practice the Reiki techniques and hand positions while also experiencing the energy of Reiki in your body and of different people.

When you leave this class you will be comfortable with the Reiki practice and have the skills to give Reiki to yourself and to others. 



June 3rd
8:30am- 6:30pm
825 W. Kent                                                                                          Register online: Red Willow Health & Healing Center    







Photographed: Co-Teachers Neil (center) and Quinn Ryan (front right) 

Assistants: Mariah (front left) and Leah (second row right).

Learning Reiki from Neil was such a wonderful experience! Even after just the first day I felt so balanced and mindful. After the whole class, I feel centered and confidant in my ability to share Reiki with clients, friends and family.
I was very pleased with the class taught by Neil. He is a very competent teacher and all encompassing. He can hold everyone’s attention. I would recommend his class to anyone.
I enjoyed every day so much! I couldn’t wait to get back and learn more! The calm and peace I felt through the entire experience has been such a grounding and pleasant experience. I am excited to share this with my family, friends and clients.
When I came I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect, but when we started to learn everything about Reiki I knew it was important to learn, not just for myself, but in the larger picture of the world!
This class is definitely something to consider. Even if you are skeptical about this, it’s okay, don’t worry. I was the same way and it only took me five minutes to change my mind about it. It is definitely something that I can work with and feel good doing. I love it.
I went in a little bit skeptical, but came out loving it. It was great for the mind, body and soul.
I am possibly a hard person to convert to Reiki. I have a background of chaos and trauma as a former crime and then war reporter. But Neil’s class was revelatory and impressive. What a warm human being Neil is.
Reiki is truly a life-changing skill and I feel very fortunate to receive instruction from such a talented, knowledgeable Reiki Master.