Our Mission

We are an organization rooted in the healing tradition of Reiki and committed to Reiki education through formal teaching, practice, and mentorship. 


Meet Neil : Our Founder

About 15 years ago, Neil Chaput de Saintonge became fascinated with the energy work of Reiki and completed his training under William Rand, the best-known teacher of Reiki.

Four years ago Neil founded Inner Peace Reiki, an organization devoted to teaching and sharing this healing art with others. It has since grown into a large community of Reiki practitioners and upholds a strong presence in Missoula, Montana.

Neil has taught over 900 students in over 200 Reiki classes. Neil also teaches Reiki for Montana School of MassageRed Willow Center for Health & Healing and Partnership for Children.

Receiving Reiki

Receiving a Reiki session is different for everyone. It can last any length of time and could be as simple as receiving a light healing touch from a loved one or it could mean laying down to receive a full session lasting anywhere from fifteen minutes to over an hour.

During a Reiki session, the recipient lays down on a table and remains fully clothed as the practitioner moves through a number of different hand positions to facilitate the movement of Reiki energy through the body. 

Reiki helps to nurture and care for your body, mind and spirit. Although every individual experiences Reiki differently depending on their physical and emotional state of being, many common outcomes include deep relaxation, grounding, clarity, balance, social ease, renewed vitality, reduction of stress and emotional release. Many people report feeling “lighter” after receiving Reiki.  

“Learning Reiki from Neil was such a wonderful experience! Even after just the first day I felt so balanced and mindful. After the whole class, I feel centered and confident in my ability to share Reiki with clients, friends and family.”
— Elaine