Neil’s teaching style enables his students to open their hearts to learning. His nurturing and loving teaching inspires me to carry forth my new knowledge to do my part in healing and loving myself and others!
— Kathy L., LMT
The Reiki Master class deepened my own self-awareness and inner peace. Through Neil’s positive guidance I am proud to say I completed this course at exactly the right time in my life to do so. Very much worth the time and money.
— Ann S.
I want to let everyone know that the Master Reiki class that Neil taught was wonderful. The classroom work was broken up into two parts over two different weekends with assignments in-between. Part of the assignments was to perform Reiki on ten different people for a total of twenty-four sessions before the second class. I want to say this was a great experience, I am so glad this was part of the requirements.

The in-depth discussions and sharing during the classes, along with the research as well as the paper we were asked to do added a great deal to the experience. I have come away with a greater confidence in my ability. I feel that I can truly say that I am a Reiki Master and can teach when the need arises. I have put my new found knowledge and confidence straight to work. I have started my own Reiki practice. I want to thank you, Neil and all my class mates for this wonderful experience.
— James F.
Neil brings his belief in Reiki and years of personal practice to class, which makes his instruction authentic. The journey through class instruction, practice, research and the connection with Neil and my classmates makes for an in-depth understanding of the power of Reiki. In addition to the wonderful experience of learning Reiki at the Masters level, I have great tools to move forward with this healing art. Thank you
— Coral S.
Neil’s Reiki Master class does an excellent job of furthering your practice. The course requirements push you out of your comfort zone, resulting in a big step taken in your Reiki work.
— Carly H.
As I was tucking my six year-old daughter to bed, she affirmed the importance and relevance of my participation in the Reiki Master class; she asked me to give her Reiki. To get to know my daughter on an energetic level is both precious and an unbelievable gift! What an unbelievable gift Reiki is for myself and those around me!
— Amy L.
As I come to the close of our four days together, I find that I am really going to miss these fine people. This has not simply been a class or a training; this has been an intimate connection that has changed my life for the better. My appreciation is difficult to fully express. Thank you all.
— Fred B.