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It’s obvious that Neil taps into something ancient and powerful when he’s doing Reiki. There is a deep seated wisdom in his work that is like nothing I’ve ever experience. Not to mention, Neil has a heart of gold which makes receiving his work feel comfortable and warm. I had never received Reiki before I went to Neil and I came with questions and skepticism. After one session, I was transformed. He had amazing insights about me—without knowing me at all—and I walked out of his office feeling so calm, grounded, and in my heart. I return to Neil’s work whenever I need to recenter and reconnect with my truest self. Thank you Neil!
— Elli Matkin
How has Reiki helped you? In this video we explore how Reiki has helped Tom with his battle to be cancer free.
I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for the Reiki training I received from you last summer. It has been a huge help to me and has had a very positive effect on my life these last few weeks. Let me explain.

In early March, I saw my physician for my “annual physical.” He did not like what he saw regarding my PSA level, as it was quite high. I was sent to a specialist, and in the end I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. “Cancer” is a very powerful and yet very scary word, and upon receipt of the diagnosis, I made a conscious decision to do a few things- research my options, keep my spirits up and most importantly, stay calm and relaxed about all of this. I can honestly state that my Reiki training experience, albeit it somewhat limited, has been without a doubt a major factor in my treatment and recovery. I am not sure how I would have managed without that training.

To make a long story short, after much research and reflection, I ended up with four options that addressed this cancer issue: surgery, radiation, cryoplasty or just wait and watch. Based on the cancer type and rating scale (it was fairly aggressive), I opted for the surgery. I went into surgery and four and one-half hours later I was in recovery. Once I was thinking clearly, I intentionally focused on remembering that “soft voice” (yours) we heard during our actual training. My concentration these last few weeks has been one of staying calm and relaxed. I have used that training experience to stay focused on getting better. What ever I did, it has been successful. I am pretty much recovered from the surgery and doing well.

I received the pathology report back about three weeks ago and it was a great report. It appears that the cancer was confined to the prostate only and there was no evidence of any cancer in the surrounding tissues or lymph nodes. Whew-what a relief!

I have to go back to the doctor every three months for a check up which will go on for a couple of years. So it looks like we won a battle, and maybe even a war. Time will tell. Here is hoping.
It is hard for me to adequately express my gratitude for the wisdom and the Reiki training you instilled in me. I know that without that training, the outcome of this may not have been so positive. I am hoping I can find a Reiki group here close by, so that I can become more active and learn more. My Reiki skills, as you can imagine, were a little rusty, but the overall concepts were there and that is what got me through this ordeal.

Thank you so much. I wish there was something more I could say. You take care and know that I think of you often. What an influence you have been.
— Tom F.
I was first introduced to Reiki, and simultaneously Neil Chaput de Saintonge, shortly after being diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A good friend of mine suggested I receive Reiki and trusting her to know what would be healing for me at such a sensitive time, I agreed. What a blessing to meet Neil, his healing touch and his kind and generous heart. I became a regular, and often it was Neil reaching out to see if I would like to come back for another sessions. I continued seeing him throughout my six months of chemotherapy treatments, and I am now in the recovery process and find these sessions to be an integral piece of what is helping me cope with the emotional and physical impact of cancer and chemotherapy. Every session has been uplifting as well as calming and grounding and I always look forward to the next. Neil’s true gentle nature and amazing intuition are incredible gifts that he enjoys sharing whole-heartedly.

”I have no expectation of what I am going to come away with, but always excited for the outcome. Neil’s ability to put what I subconsciously know into words is unique and has given me much insight into what my heart is asking of me. I leave his office with a strong sense of purpose and direction that wasn’t clear before. Reiki is a real healing art, and Neil has definitely mastered it’s true capacity. I am grateful for the opportunity to receive Reiki from Neil and to have been introduced to a beautiful person.
— Molly H.
Reiki is so incredible. The amount of emotions shared was amazing. Feeling energy is something so unreal and incredible. I would recommend Reiki to everyone. An amazing experience- I feel changed.
— Jake L., LMT
I was open to Reiki, but had no expectations. I don’t know if anyone but Neil could have presented this material in such an understandable and accessible to anyone format. It was one of the best courses in the Montana School of Massage program.
— Jen B., LMT