Reiki Two:

Reiki Two- November 17th
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Learning to pay attention

Reiki II will briefly review the basic techniques taught in Reiki I, and build further upon this knowledge. In Reiki II you will learn new hand positions, symbols, and how to send distance Reiki.

In Reiki I the focus is on learning the techniques of Reiki, in Reiki II you will take a deeper step as the emphasis is on the awareness and mindset of the individual giving Reiki. The primary focus of Reiki II is listening, sensing, feeling, and experiencing the Reiki energy as it moves through you.  Reiki I teaches you the hand positions and movement necessary to practice Reiki, while Reiki II teaches you to pay attention to the energy, which is beneath the hand positions themselves.

In this class you will transcend into a deeper state of mind, where you will practice tapping into and trusting your intuition. Reiki II teaches you to tune into the energy of the individual receiving, and to then use this awareness to guide your practice. When you leave this class you will have a deeper understanding of energy healing, and the ability to allow Reiki to transcend into all aspects of your life.  


Reiki II Class Includes: 

  • Learning three Reiki symbols and how to integrate them into your practice

    • The power symbol to make the Reiki stronger

    • The healing symbol for mental and emotional healing

    • The symbol for sending distance Reiki

  • Three new hand positions, including one position for changing one’s habits or for finding direction in life

  • Techniques for sending Reiki to both people and places

  • Reiki II attunement

  • 2 on 1 Reiki- (two givers working in sequence on one person)

  • Learning to be intuitive and self aware

  • Three Reiki exchanges with students in the class

  • Introduction to Reiki Master

All students receive a certificate of completion, suitable for framing!

Prerequisite: Reiki One


November 17th

9 AM- 6:00PM

210 N. Higgins Suite 204

Missoula, MT

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Reiki Two, November 18th

Assistants: Marshall (front right) and Glenn (middle front)

I never thought I would take a Reiki class- now I can’t imagine thinking or living the way I used to.
Walking into the Reiki II classroom with Neil is an opportunity to see and feel the world differently. His gentle and open manner allows you to open your heart and receive his message… which in turn allows you to open your heart to others.
I will never have a message session that does not include Reiki.
Neil’s excellent, patient instruction of the art of Reiki make this course a wonderful experience for anyone with any interest at all in the healing arts. Hands-on experience has never been so rewarding!
I didn’t have any idea what Reiki was but was interested to learn about it. After the first class I had such a clear, focused mind that I was anxious to take the second class. It came at a very needed time. I didn’t know when I originally signed up for it, how timely it would be.
Reiki creates a new sense of harmony between strangers- a lasting, loving, compassionate energy that truly is the most basic honest healing.
The energy I felt throughout this course was string and calming. What I gained was a greater sense of self that I feel will help me to become everything that I strive to be.
I would highly recommend the Reiki II class to anyone who has taken Reiki I. It adds another layer of understanding to the process and strengthens and reaffirms the skills.
— Kristina