Jill's Stroke of Insight


Many of you who have taken classes with me have likely seen Jill Taylor’s TED TALK entitled, “My stroke of Insight,” but I thought it pertinent to share again what she has to say. What happens to you, and to your brain, when you cease to process and pick apart information? So much of the work we do in our lives and with Reiki lives in the intuitive part of ourselves, in our right brain. Jill Taylor’s explanation of how the brain works and of her experience is astounding. As a brain scientist, her connection to what scientifically happens in the brain on a daily basis allows her even more insight into what happens when we let go of the need to manage our thoughts. We could each use a reminder to stay in the present moment, to be with the energy of what is and what we are. If for nothing else, the present allows us to be wholly ourselves, to be connected to what is and to make room for who and how we wish to be with the world. So many of us live “left-brained” because that is how our worlds were built; but it is refreshing to carry your right brain with you too. Take a moment to breathe deep and release the tension you carry; feel your lungs expand and relax, put the weight of the list in your head on pause and allow yourself to just be. Jill Taylor reminds us of the enormity of our beings, and that we are capable of peace at any moment of our choosing. All in just 18 minutes. Check it out here

Neil Chaput