Our Mission

Based in Missoula, Montana, Inner Peace Reiki is an organization rooted in the tradition and cultivation of Reiki education as a practice and way of healing.

We are committed to the continuation of Reiki education through formal teaching, practice, and mentorship.


Inner Peace Reiki believes in the importance of an expansive and creative Reiki community and strives to facilitate the growth and understanding of Reiki locally in Missoula, MT, regionally and worldwide.

Inner Peace Reiki respects the practice of Reiki and those who have passed it along, beginning with the teachings of Dr. Mikao Usui. The value of tradition serves as the foundation of Inner Peace Reiki, and the place from which it has evolved. Traditionally, Reiki students were mentored through their classes and beyond Reiki Master. Neil mentored with his first Reiki Master for seven years on a monthly basis and believes the mentorship process is essential in the learning and practice of Reiki. “The only way you learn is by doing,” is a commonly heard phrase in Neil’s classes. Inner Peace Reiki strives to create a continuing stream of opportunities for Reiki students after their completion of Reiki Master while offering new and different educational options to the community at large. While always staying connected to its roots, Inner Peace Reiki has been shaped by Neil’s experience with massage, energy work, state-of-mind awareness training, the chakra system, meditation and group process. It has grown into an integrative organization that values learning through practice. Neil believes that everyone’s energy is different, and the more we work with Reiki and with other people, the better we all become. Inner Peace Reiki includes Neil’s Reiki practice, Reiki classes, and the Inner Peace Reiki Community. 


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