Reiki One for Mental Health Therapists


This CEU course will explore how therapists utilize right brain, body oriented engagement to access, interpret, and respond to themselves and their clients in therapeutic interactions. This exploration will include discussions and experiential activities. A focus will be placed on teaching how interpersonal neurobiology is experienced and utilized as a non-verbal engagement skill that has the potential to increase the efficacy of psychotherapy. Interpersonal neurobiology is described as “the study of how one mind-body-brain emerges developmentally from, and merges relationally with, other mind-body-brains.” (Marks-Tarlow, 2014).  Participants will learn and practice Reiki, a subcortical regulation technique.

Course Learning Goals:
1. Gain an understanding of how body centered interventions can be developed and utilized as skills to engage, interpret, and respond to self and others.
2. Develop a working understanding of how interpersonal neurobiology supports the use of body centered interventions in psychotherapy.
3. Learn and practice Reiki as a self and co regulation technique.
4. Identify ways Reiki can be used by both clinician and client to enhance self awareness and self tracking skills.

Biography of the teachers:

Jean Ali Church, LCSW has practiced in Sanders and Lake County since 2014. Areas of focus have been Hospital and Hospice Social Work, as well as out-patient therapy. Currently Ali works as an out-patient therapist at Partnership for Children in Polson, MT. Partnership for Children is an agency that has been training its staff in Reiki as a self and co regulation technique for the past 7 years. Ali is trained in EMDR, Advanced TF-CBT, and EFT. Ali is also a Reiki Master and Cranial Sacral practitioner. These modalities inform Ali’s body centered approach to psychotherapy. As a hospice and hospital social worker, Ali used Reiki to inform how she used intentional touch in engagement with patients. As an out-patient therapist, Ali has successfully trained clients to use Reiki as a self regulation technique that has enhanced stability, and a co-regulation technique that has enhanced the quality of therapeutic relationships.

Neil Chaput de Saintoge has been practicing Reiki for 19 years; he founded Inner Peace Reiki in Missoula, MT 6 years ago. Inner Peace Reiki is an organization devoted to teaching Reiki and providing professional development opportunities for practitioners in Western Montana. Neil currently teaches Reiki for the Red Willow Center for Health and Healing and Partnership for Children, and previously for the Montana School of Massage. Neil has taught over 1,000 students and 200 Reiki classes. As Neil observed that more mental health therapists were participating in his Standard Reiki courses, he decided to modify the Reiki I course to better meet the specific needs of mental health therapists.


Autumn Class TBA

210 N. Higgins Suite 204

Missoula, MT

Cost: $95

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The education approaches that Neil Chaput de Saintonge uses have been developed through our creative collaboration. Nearly 15 years ago, before the focus on the integration of body centered strategies into psychotherapy, Neil was seeking to integrate Reiki, massage, yoga. and group psychotherapy practices. Together we were able to create novel interventions that integrated Reiki into social service settings. Reiki training is an efficient, invaluable way to teach therapists about body awareness.
— Andrew R. Laue, L.C.S.W. Psychotherapist
I am possibly a hard person to convert to Reiki. I have a background of chaos and trauma as a former crime and then war reporter. But Neil’s class was revelatory and impressive. What a warm human being Neil is.
— Virginia W.
I came to this class curious, but also unsure of what to expect. I came away surprised and grateful for accessibility and power of Reiki. I look forward to strengthening my skills!
— Peter G.