Reiki Master Teacher Training:

Reiki Master teacher training is a class designed specifically for Reiki Masters who want to go forth and teach Reiki to others. This class is unique to Reiki, as the majority of Reiki Master courses do not include a teacher training component. It is strongly recommended that all Reiki Masters who desire to teach take this course first. A very important component of growth and development in Reiki is mentoring. 

Throughout this course Neil will share experiences from his past 40 years of teaching and provide students with guidance as they move forward as teachers. In order to protect and honor the tradition of Reiki, students will be given instruction on setting up a class, course content, and teaching techniques. The Reiki Master Teacher Training class will provide individuals with the skills necessary to teach their own Reiki classes. 


Reiki Master Teacher Training Class Includes: 

  • Teaching requirements, class structure, and teaching techniques 
    • Including the importance of demonstration, lectures & personal stories
  • Students teach their assigned topic and provide one another with feedback
  • Teaching requirements
    • Guidelines individuals must follow in order to teach Reiki  
  • Class structure- the important components that go into setting up a Reiki class
    • Location, cost, length … etc. 
    • Teaching techniques
    • All students will be provided with a report card at the end of the course outlining their teaching strengths and areas to improve based on class feedback.

Tuition:  $225




“I am so grateful to Neil for bringing Reiki to the Missoula community in such a clear, loving and thorough way. The somewhat rigorous amount of homework and sessions required between the two weekends made all the difference. Before this, I didn’t do enough sessions on my own to really embody the work, feel like a true practitioner or develop a subtle sensitivity for energy- with this class, I feel I’ve jumped into another category. I feel like a true healer now, and I am much more aware of my skill and potential as a healer. Thank you, Neil!”
— Susan B.
Reiki Master Teacher Training
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